So as it was a Bank Holiday weekend, I decided to tackle a few projects at home. First I got some green material from East Street Market in London (2 metres for £2.30), finally worked out how to thread my coral John Lewis sewing machine, using a Youtube tutorial (!) and made a little curtain to cover my cube storage unit where I keep the products I’ve made.


Next, I made the obligatory Bank Holiday trip to Ikea in Wembley to get a new desk and pink office chair, both of which had to be assembled by self. Once those were done, I moved the desk into where the old one was and put pink & white polka dot vinyl on top so it is easy to wipe clean and looks fab!

I then reorganised my stationery and supplies and other bits and pieces,  and finally cleared out what I no longer needed (bin, charity shop, eBay) to create a great creative workspace. See what you think!

Office 2

Desk & office chair – Ikea, Mini drawer unit – TK Maxx, White shelving (actually a shoe rack) – Argos, Polka Dot Vinyl – St Albans Market

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