Courtlands Family Fun Day 2014

Last Saturday we had a stall at the Courtlands Residents Association’s annual fun day in Goodwood Recreation ground in Watford. Last year the day ended up being rained off and we had to pack up a few hours early, after having sat inside our zipped-up gazebo waiting for the torrential downpour to pass. This time we had glorious, hot sunshine and we had to keep an eye on things so that they didn’t melt! It was a good day with lots of customers (including a fireman!), good food, dance acts and live music.



The weekend just gone we took the in-laws to the famous Chiltern Open Air Museum in Chalfont St Giles for the afternoon. The beautiful grounds contain many historic buildings that have been moved and or/restored. They have a lovely tearoom, in which we enjoyed scones with jam and clotted cream. One thing I noticed everywhere were dark pink bars of carbolic soap!  The museum stocks their toilets with the soap, but there were also bars outside in a display of washboards and mangles.

Carbolic soap is a disinfectant soap, made from carbolic acid, and was the most commonly used disinfectant cleaner in homes, hospitals and schools. It has a distinct coal tar scent, which is comforting to some! Nowadays, you hardly see carbolic soap at all (welcome to the world of hand gels), so it was nice to use some at COAM! (By the way, COAM is definitely worth a visit).





Little Fox 7th June

Saturday 7th June we had our usual stall at the Little Fox Market in Ricky.

Unfortunately we started at 10.30 with rain showers and was therefore a little quieter than usual…but it soon brightened up and we had a steady flow of visitors to our table.

To make the time pass and to do something useful while on the stall, I’ve started making my greeting cards on the stall, which works much better for me. At home I can’t seem to get started!