Fave shop!


At lunchtime today I visited my favourite shop in London: G Baldwin & co on the famous Walworth Road near Elephant & Castle. It is a real gem in the heart of an area of London that is considered by many to have seen better days, but is now going through the process of gentrification, I mean regeneration. I really hope it doesn’t become yet another copycat high street with the bog standard chains of shops and the ever-popular faceless yet unaffordable flats that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment.

Baldwins is a “purveyor of natural products” and has been since the 1844. I will quite often buy my essential oils, dried flowers and other supplies there if I don’t want to put in a huge mail order with my usual supplier or if I need some bits last minute. You can also get their own gorgeous skincare products, candle making kits, bath accessories, oil burners, natural health books and…I could go on. (Baldwins is near my day job, in case you are wondering what Elephant & Castle has to do with Rickmansworth).

If that wasn’t enough, they also have a health food shop next door where you can get your vitamins, shampoo, tea bags, buckwheat and pretty much anything else! Love them!

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