The Hyper-creative Brain

I was reading an article today about the ‘hyper-creative brain’ as I believe I may be suffering from some of these traits. The symptoms are:

  1. You get high on new ideas and you have lots of them
  2. You get impatient and bored with carrying through on details
  3. It’s hard to carry a project through to completion
  4. You start a new project with gusto but a few days into it you hate it
  5. You have strong gut feelings about your ideas

Source article:

I always have ideas. I’ve been a researcher, aerobics instructor, an almost-nutritionist, and an HR person. I make cards, I love dancing, cooking, interior design (currently obsessed with Kelly Hoppen) and did I say dancing? Yes, the most recent one was  Tap Dance and I have all the shoes – ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom and a lovely pair of monochrome split-sole dance sneakers, plus knee pads and all colours of leg warmer, which I willingly lend to friends… But I do partake regularly, so no bad thing. 

However, the article made me realise that there is nothing wrong with being this way; the hyper-creative person just needs to find a way to maintain focus. For example, I was convinced I was supposed to be a nutritionist, but when I realised it wasn’t going to happen and I was kind of flogging a dead horse, I got rid of all of my nutrition books so that it was no longer there to tempt me back. I trained as an aerobics instructor, but because of other commitments, I had to accept that I don’t have time to do that now, so I just attend classes for fun instead.

If you are constantly thinking of ideas, write them down. I keep a notebook with me at all times to note things down while I’m out and about so that I don’t forget, and seeing it on paper makes it easier to weigh up; i.e. you soon realise you can’t do and achieve everything. 

Also, I love love love lists. How else can you get everything done? I also take a look at what I have going on and make sure to say ‘no’ when I need to, just to make sure I’m not taking too much on. Sometimes in the craft market world you find people giving you lots of suggestions about what you ‘could’ do and ‘should’ do, based on what they do, and it can excite the creative mind, but you have to stay focused on your goal, commitments, available time, resources etc.

Less is definitely more!

One thought on “The Hyper-creative Brain

  1. Thanks for reading my hyper creative article – and so glad you realize there is nothing wrong with being this way! Us hypercreatives probably need a support group. Lol. Keep on creating.

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