St Clement Danes School Food & Gift Fair

Today we did St Clement Danes School Christmas Fair in Chorleywood from 11-3. Despite feeling slightly worn out from getting everything ready over the last few weeks, I was still really looking forward to it! The fair was really well attended and we were very busy on our stall. We sold out of Lemongrass & Lime soaps by 2.30, which included getting some out of our gift sets that we hadn’t sold (I must make sure I make enough for next weekend). Our Kelp Spa bars were popular in the morning and the Soothing Skin Balm was another favourite. Customers were also pleased to know that we are local and that we make everything ourselves!

The fair finished at 3pm and we were packed up and ready to go by 3.20pm!
Got home and realised I hadn’t finished my breakfast…

Christmas Madness

We have been crazy busy getting stock ready for our two main Christmas fairs happening over the next two weekends: St Clement Danes School Food and Gift Fair in Chorleywood on Sunday 30th November and Little Fox Christmas Market in Ricky on Saturday 6th December. I’m always excited about these fairs because they are always cheerful, fun and busy.

My place smells like a spa at the moment, but there is stuff everywhere and it seems like everything was trying to go wrong; I ran out of transparent lid boxes thinking I had loads left, I stuck Lemongrass labels on my Coconut body butters, I threw oil and butter on the floor and curtains at various times, my Mango & Passion Fruit bath bombs continued to expand out of the heart-shaped moulds and once set and wrapped they completely disintegrated, I went to carefully add an essential oil to a mixture using the dropper bottle but the whole lot came pouring out….and so on!
But despite all that, it’s still fun and rewarding when you finally get to a fair and people love your products. (Although there will always be those who say they don’t wash…)


I’ve been really pleased this year that I haven’t had much in the way of eczema flare-ups, besides the odd itchy wrist…until now. It’s mid-November, getting colder (therefore buildings are getting hotter & dryer) and for some reason my lips are sore, peeling and chapped (I actually had to use a mild face scrub on them yesterday), my eyelids feel like they’re teetering on the edge of developing a dry patch and I feel a little bit like I’ve been sunburnt! I joked to colleagues that I had my lips plumped up because I seem to have a perma-pout right now. This tends to happen with change of weather, central heating and dry atmospheres, lack of sunshine and therefore Vitamin D, and a lack of decent sleep.

My solution? Get enough quality sleep, daylight, exercise, fresh fruit & vegetables, and slap some Soothing Skin Balm on it! I find the balm forms a great seal over the dryness because it contains beeswax, and the calendula does great things for irritation and dryness. I also need to get back on the omega-rich fish as it has been lacking in my diet lately :/

Little Fox November

On Saturday we had our usual stall at the Little Fox Market in Ricky. An extra bonus is that our friends Bjarne and Sarah were there promoting their new business, Artistry Coffee!

It was a fairly busy day in the end after saying part way through the day that it was a bit slow. Was nice to have  repeat custom, to catch up with familiar stallholders and to meet new ones!

Got home absolutely bushed!