I’ve been really pleased this year that I haven’t had much in the way of eczema flare-ups, besides the odd itchy wrist…until now. It’s mid-November, getting colder (therefore buildings are getting hotter & dryer) and for some reason my lips are sore, peeling and chapped (I actually had to use a mild face scrub on them yesterday), my eyelids feel like they’re teetering on the edge of developing a dry patch and I feel a little bit like I’ve been sunburnt! I joked to colleagues that I had my lips plumped up because I seem to have a perma-pout right now. This tends to happen with change of weather, central heating and dry atmospheres, lack of sunshine and therefore Vitamin D, and a lack of decent sleep.

My solution? Get enough quality sleep, daylight, exercise, fresh fruit & vegetables, and slap some Soothing Skin Balm on it! I find the balm forms a great seal over the dryness because it contains beeswax, and the calendula does great things for irritation and dryness. I also need to get back on the omega-rich fish as it has been lacking in my diet lately :/

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