Ageing grace

I was at home sick one day last week and so I was on the sofa under a blanket watching daytime television. I was getting more and more irritated at the adverts aimed at women:
“worried about the sagging skin on your neck?”
“target those wrinkles with product x”
“discover the truth about ageing”
“wrinkles and dark spots, take double action… ”
“it’s not a razor; it’s not a laser!”

Argh! These beauty companies just play on insecurities or point out and create insecurities that you never actually had, just to sell their product. They have convinced people that they are not good enough as they are, that they are ageing (well yes, we’re all ageing) and that this is a bad thing so they should do whatever (and pay whatever) it takes to fight it.
But that is what advertising does; it makes us discontent. You should be driving a better car, you need a better phone, you should be slimmer, you should have a hairless body, you should wear this brand of outdoor clothing, you should look eternally young with airbrushed flawless skin..If it was never pointed out, we really wouldn’t be bothered!

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