We are FINALLY getting around to changing our soap and body butter labels. Ever since we started I wanted that recycled, natural look with our labelling, but up until now we have been using white labels from Label Planet. However, I recently I have found some great brown kraft labels which look way more professional, but are in keeping with the handmade, hand crafted and tropical island theme, which I am being careful not to eliminate in favour of looking mass-produced or like every other handmade soap out there. For now we are playing around with the shape, design and fonts, but hopefully the new look soaps and butters will be out there by June’s Little Fox Market! I am VERY excited.


Rebel Pebble

Unfortunately we are going to be taking our products out of Rebel Pebble in Watford at the end of the month after a year of renting a shelf there. It has been great to have a bit of The Soap Cabin in a shop on the High Street, and we even got some new business out of it, but we haven’t really been making back our shelf rental, so we’ve decided it’s time to pull the plug for now 😦

Watford has a strange High Street. It’s way too long and the footfall is heavily concentrated at the bottom end where you have Intu (formerly known as the Harlequin, as it will always be known by Watfordians!) and the monster-Tesco and other retail parks. Watford Market was also moved higher up the High Street and is now a fraction of the size, but well worth a visit. I ask lots of people if they’ve been to the New Watford Market and most don’t even know where it is or they say “I never walk that far up”. The top end where Rebel Pebble is has tended to be the restaurant, bar and clubbing part of the High Street, so lots of people just don’t wander up there for the purpose of shopping. Also, no-one goes to the library any more!

However, that end, I would argue, is the most interesting! There are lots of independent shops, the New Watford Market, the LP Cafe, a great photography studio, the new-look pond, a great pay-and-display car park and it’s just a short walk to the stunning Cassiobury Park!

We are looking at perhaps renting space at another crafty venue that has better footfall…will keep you posted! I was chatting with a lady at a BBQ the other day who mentioned I might be interested in some shops in Iver, but it turns out she meant empty shops. Not really up for renting an entire shop. *Sigh*

Ricky Week 2015

Ricky Week is the annual Rickmansworth Festival, which begins with a parade through Rickmansworth High Street and culminates in the 2 day Rickmansworth Canal Festival on the Grand Union Canal.

This year the canal festival began on the Saturday 16th May, which was also when we had May’s Little Fox Market. We knew that it would be hit or miss in terms of footfall, but I have to say it was particularly bad for sales! There was a good flow of people in the morning, many not seen before, but the afternoon was dire and we were on the coffees to keep going!

However, I was really pleased that we sold all three varieties of body oils to a customer, plus two body butters to another. I am really keen for people to try the oil and butter products because they always come back for more! I speak to so many people about eczema and sensitive skin, that it’s great to show them products that are natural and that help the symptoms.

Really hope next month is better!

New Stuff

Ricky Week has begun and we are getting ourselves ready for the Little Fox Market which will be taking place in Rickmansworth this coming Saturday (16th May) at the usual venue of St Mary’s Church Centre.

It has been quite exciting this year to spend time developing more skincare products, and so we now have 3 oils in our range:

  • Soothing Skin Oil (100ml)
  • Revitalising Bath Oil (100ml)
  • Aching Muscle Oil (100ml)

The Soothing Skin Balm has been an amazing seller for us because so many people have found it really beneficial for their skin, and a few people have said that it has actually helped clear up their eczema altogether! That is pretty cool for a product with so few ingredients.

Soothing Skin Balm