Kelly Hoppen Bedroom Make-Over

You may know from previous blog posts that I am obsessed with renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen (Dragon’s Den is not the same without her!) and I had purchased her book Kelly Hoppen: Ideas, but had only looked through it once while I was on holiday in Cornwall last September. So last week I decided to leaf through it again and see if I could glean any Ideas to spruce up my bedroom a bit using Kelly’s incredible style, without breaking the bank, because let’s face it, the examples in the book are all of amazing Notting Hill billionaire homes. Here’s how I got on:

“Hems that brush the floor…like an Italian man’s trousers”

CurtainI took down boring mid-length cream curtains that fell just below the windowsill and replaced them with these taupe curtains from Very that are slightly too long and therefore brush the floor and look kind of luxurious. They were unlined, but let a bit too much light in, so I added clip-on linings to the back of them.

“Chic banner-style cushions”


I bought one dual-textured banner-style cushion from Homebase to add a bit of layer and texture. I chose a cream cover so that it would go with any duvet design.

“Bedside lamps are an essential element”

I had some bedside touch lamps with cream shades that had discoloured in the sun, and so I replaced the shades with those of a muted pink from TK Maxx/Homesense. Ta-da!

“a…rug is a blessing under your feet…”

Fur rug

Yes it is! I bought a pair of these cream fur rugs from Ikea.

“Have two things together side by side”

I had some boring mass-produced art on the wall, which I replaced with 2 white picture frames from Homebase and two New Yorker greeting cards from WH Smith. I have to say I’m really pleased with these, and you can replace the cards at any time to change things up a bit. I also hung a white cube shelf from Ikea behind the door to use as a mini bookshelf.

“The final layer in a bedroom is scent”


I purchased this Coconut Milk & Pineapple reed diffuser from the Van Hage garden centre in Chenies (near Rickmansworth). It keeps the room smelling tropically fresh, which definitely lifts the spirits. I’m thinking of those dark November mornings to come!

Kelly Hoppen Ideas

Hope you feel inspired!

Quotes from: Kelly Hoppen Ideas: Creating a home for the way you live, Jacqui Small LLP (Aurum Press), 2009

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