Spare Time

What do you like to do in your spare time? Running a craft or handmade business is great fun, but you can find yourself heading towards burnout, especially around the lead-up to summer and Christmas festivals and especially if you juggle your craft business with a ‘day’ job. Around October time someone was questioning me rather aggressively about where the business was going (I guess in their eyes it is not as successful as it should be by now – ugh) and I was so tired and drained from many changes going on in my day job, the threat of redundancy plus trying to get stuff ready for upcoming fairs and Christmas fast approaching, and I almost, very nearly burst into tears!

As someone who juggles both a 9-5 and a craft business, I find it really helpful to have some sort out outlet:

-First of all don’t be afraid to say NO. You have to do what is realistic and also have some breathing space.

-Dancing. Yes, I dabble in a bit of ballet, rhythm tap, contemporary, you name it. Maybe you enjoy some other physical activity, like running, ju-jitsu or Zumba.

-Writing. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I love writing this blog, and I’ve also had a novel on the go for about 15 years…

-Photography. I like getting out in nature with the camera at the weekend. Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Black Park, Langley Park, the Grand Union Canal etc.

-Just sit somewhere and read a book

-It’s ok to take a day off. From everything. The world will not collapse.

-Book a massage or spa day every now and then

What do you do to wind down or let off steam?

Every now and then it is also really important to write down everything you have going on in your life and see where you can chop things out, rearrange or change for your own sanity.

Here’s an article from Create and Thrive about focussing when you’re trying to juggle too much that I find helpful to look at every now and then:

Another article I keep a paper copy of in my office is from Zen Habits:


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