The Written Word

Sorry! I feel like I haven’t written much on the blog lately! Maybe it is that Winter get-your-head-down-and-get-through-it thing. Now the days are getting longer; lighter mornings, lighter evenings, and suddenly I feel like I’m getting the ‘spring’ back in my step, if you’ll excuse the pun. (I also do Tap Dance, so…)

I was also wondering recently if there is also the aspect of our hyper-connected age, where we have access to so many blogs, that we can almost be intimidated by the really good ones, which then makes us hesitant to write our own because it’s not as interesting/funny/cool etc etc. (It can be the same with a business or product).

I try not to be too bothered about what other people are doing, but I’ve found when looking for ideas that I have been drawn to blogs written by seemingly ‘successful’ people sharing their amazing stories of starting their own business or going freelance. People who quit their day job to travel the world and earn tons of money from their blog, which they write by the pool…when they feel like it… This then breeds dissatisfaction in the reader. How did they do it? Why I am still stuck in the same job/routine? Why do I not have thousands of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram followers like they do?

But then, I drop back down to earth. Social media is full of people bragging about how great their lives are and how successful or good-looking they are, and very rarely, if at all do we see the real person with personal struggles, sleep deprivation, writer’s block, lack of inspiration to make or design or just a season of really poor sales!

What do you think? Is hyper-connectivity swamping you?


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