Re-use, Recycle

_20170721_112512Here at The Soap Cabin, we care about the environment and try to re-use and recycle where we can. As well as using recycled labels, boxes and shredded paper, we also hang on to any packaging we get through deliveries of supplies, such as cardboard boxes and jiffy bags, and use this again for packaging up orders to send out to customers. I recently bought a portable tap dance practice board for home (my main hobby!) and the box contained SO MUCH bubble wrap, so I have kept all of it to use for sending out orders! It saves us buying bubble wrap (not sure I have ever had to buy any), and it also stops it going straight in the bin.

I was thinking about our body butter tins recently. Once you’ve finished with it, what do you do with it? Well, why not wash it out and re-purpose it?

  • Refill it with another product
  • Use it for storing jewellery, buttons, pins, stationery
  • Use it to store sweeties
  • Make a candle and set it in the tin
  • Turn it into a gift for someone else
  • (Or, we are happy to take back your empties if you are coming to one of our craft markets)


Sorry I’ve been a bit slack in posting lately! Things are a little crazy as we are hoping to move shortly. Don’t worry, we’re not going far!
This morning however, I am chilling out in my craft room with a cup of lemon and ginger tea while I look at what needs to be done today and what ingredients I need to order. Off the top of my head, I know I definitely need to order some grapefruit oil. I also need to start making body butters for the June Summer Market in Chalfont St Peter, which really isn’t that far away now! ☀ 

Home Made Stamp


We’ve got a few Christmas fairs coming up shortly, and I recently bought some new burlap to cover our stall table, and so I needed to find a way to get our Soap Cabin name onto it, this time so that it is big enough to see at a distance, and so that the letters line up.

I basically got 2 packs of sponge letters from The Works and stuck them onto card with extra tacky glue. Once dry, I cut the card so that I had the individual words, and then I dabbed my black ink pad onto the letters and practiced stamping onto some pink paper before I do the final stamp onto the burlap table cover. (I’ll share that later after I’ve done it). Rubber stamping would do a better job, just because the sponge compresses quite a bit, but we’ll see what happens!