Busy Day

I have lots to do today as I’ve had a busy week this week and not much time to start making a larger order that I need to get started on.  We also have the Chalfont Crafty Collective Spring Fair tomorrow. Thankfully I’ve got most things sorted for that, apart from soap samples and some bottling and labelling. 

Hoping it’s a good day tomorrow! 

Christmas is Coming!

I’ve been very busy today working my way through my Christmas Fair to-do list. I booked us onto the York House School Shopping Evening on the 23rd, so with one extra event, and some wholesale bits to get done for the end of the month, I thought I had better get cracking!

Dried Lavender 

You may recall that we visited Hitchin Lavender Farm a few Saturdays ago and filled a couple of paper bags with the stuff. Well, the Lavender has had time to dry out, so today I pulled the dried flowers off the stems and collected them in a tall Kilner jar to use later. It smells soooooo good!

It will be great if we are able to use Lavender grown right here in Hertfordshire in our soap on a regular basis…

Soapy Plans 

They make great gifts! 

I’ve just submitted my recipes for new Cosmetic Safety Assessments in order to be able to make and sell Cold Process soaps next year.

These two above are from the batches we made back in May on our course in Dorset, and I’ve packaged them using some good quality wrapping paper (I used the rest to line the back of a cheap Argos bookcase, but anyway, back to soap), some tape and a hand written kraft label. It’s so refreshing not to have to wrap them air tight in cellophane like melt and pour!

We will need to start small with our soap range and get them spot on. 

“Do less, get more done” Leo Babauta