This Saturday!


So THIS is happening this Saturday on Chorleywood Common! We haven’t booked a spot this year, but as per last weekend, we’re going to try and pop along to check it out. I believe this year, following feedback they will be arranging stalls in ‘zones’. (You may recall that we were dwarfed last year amongst a load of charity stalls, so people avoided us because they were scared of being collared to sign up for something).

If we make it, I will try and take some photos to share with you.


I just love colourful, funky wrapping paper and tissue paper. I seem to have quite a collection now, but then we like using tissue paper on our stall and when posting out orders.  Cool wrapping papers are great for so many things:

  • Wrapping gifts 
  • Covering ugly boxes 
  • Framing as a piece of art
  • Decoupage 
  • Jazzing up a dull shelving unit 
  • And much more…