Easy Avocado Face Mask

I have really dry skin on my face at the moment, and then other times it’s kind of oily. Avocados are all the rage at the moment (irritatingly so), but the upside is that they are available in most grocery shops. When I was a kid, we would stock up when we went to visit relatives in Harlesden, Brixton and Peckham. My nan has them growing in abundance outside her bungalow in Jamaica! They are packed with so much fatty acid goodness!

avocado (1)

Here is an easy DIY Avocado face mask which is great if your skin is really dry at the moment, like mine!

  1. Mash a quarter of a ripe avocado into a bowl
  2. Mix in a teaspoon of full fat yoghurt into a paste
  3. Apply to clean skin and leave for 15 minutes
  4. Remove with a warm, wet flannel
  5. Use weekly to maintain soft and smooth skin 🙂

Adapted from Try it! Natural Remedies, Dorling Kindersley, London (2016)

Autumn Onset Eczema

As soon as the summer turned to Autumn, my skin turned on me and the eczema was back, on the backs of my legs. This is annoying because it is getting colder, so I tend to be wearing trousers or tights, but then the backs of my legs get warm or irritated by the rub of the material, then I end up in a trance, scratching furiously for relief and….It’s all over.

I sadly had to succumb to Fucibet corticosteroid cream twice a day to clear it up 😐
But it worked instantly and since then I have been applying our Soothing Skin Oil and Balm to keep the skin well under control 🙂


I’ve been really pleased this year that I haven’t had much in the way of eczema flare-ups, besides the odd itchy wrist…until now. It’s mid-November, getting colder (therefore buildings are getting hotter & dryer) and for some reason my lips are sore, peeling and chapped (I actually had to use a mild face scrub on them yesterday), my eyelids feel like they’re teetering on the edge of developing a dry patch and I feel a little bit like I’ve been sunburnt! I joked to colleagues that I had my lips plumped up because I seem to have a perma-pout right now. This tends to happen with change of weather, central heating and dry atmospheres, lack of sunshine and therefore Vitamin D, and a lack of decent sleep.

My solution? Get enough quality sleep, daylight, exercise, fresh fruit & vegetables, and slap some Soothing Skin Balm on it! I find the balm forms a great seal over the dryness because it contains beeswax, and the calendula does great things for irritation and dryness. I also need to get back on the omega-rich fish as it has been lacking in my diet lately :/